Thermally conductive adhesives as high-performance adhesives in mechanical engineering

In addition to usual joining processes such as welding, screwing or riveting, adhesive technology has gained increasing popularity in mechanical engineering for the past years. Particularly when, in addition to a structural connection, a thermal contact is required, e.g. when bonding cooling elements or heat sinks. Since materials are not weakened or their structure changed during the bonding process, this technology offers decisive advantages in many applications. In areas where high levels of precision are essential, the required tolerances can often only be achieved by gluing, since the use of adhesives eliminates distortions as they may occur when welding due to the high local heat input. The possible areas of application are as numerous as the possible adhesive properties that can be adapted to the respective requirements. In addition to adhesion properties on various surfaces and mechanical properties in terms of strength or flexibility, this also applies to the resistance of the bond to various media (moisture, oils, chemicals, etc.) or temperature influences.

Thermally conductive adhesives based on epoxy resins, which provide high-strength, non-aging bonds on various substrates, have proven to be particularly effective here. Epoxy resin adhesives are available as one- or two-component systems. One-component epoxy resin adhesives must always be cured at temperatures above 100 °C, whereas two-component epoxy resins can be cured at room temperature. Two-component adhesives are processed with the help of automated mixing and dispensing technology. For small series and / or manual processing, products are also available that are simply processed from double-chamber cartridges. The two components are mixed simply by squeezing the components out of the two chambers of the cartridge with the aid of a dispensing gun through a static mixer that comes with the cartridge.

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