Thermally conductive pastes and gap fillers in electronics

Recently there has been a high demand for thermally conductive materials for innovative manufacturing concepts. New product designs are increasing in efficiency and decreasing in size. Besides, they must implement far more functions than their predecessor versions. The electronic components and assemblies should be optimally protected from overheating and from power losses that may occur. The enemy of any thermal management is trapped air in combination with decreasing sizes of the gaps between the closely packed electronic components. Air cooling, as we have known it up to now, is progressively being replaced by cooling devices such as new heat sinks with simultaneous connections to heat-dissipating surfaces like metal housings or covers. It is important to fill any gaps between heat generating surfaces and heat dissipating devices. The selected thermally conductive material, as a gap filler or thermal paste, must precisely compensate for any tolerances in order to ensure complete contact with the respective surfaces. 

For your particular application, Polytec PT offers a comprehensive range of thermal pastes and thermally conductive gap fillers. Our products are already available in versions with different thermal conductivities and process properties, but can, if necessary, be customized to your requirements.

Polytec PT’s thermal pastes and gap fillers are only available silicone-free, which eliminates risks for downstream coating, bonding or painting processes.
Likewise, only non-abrasive fillers are used for applications in automated mixing and dosing processes in order to counteract excessive wear on system components from the outset. Benefit from our extensive expertise in thermally conductive connections.