Adhesion promoters

To prevent possible moisture infiltration and to improve adhesion, the application of adhesion promoters to the silicate layer produced is recommended. This enables high-performance bonds or coatings to be achieved.

The HP series adhesive promoters are low-viscosity, adhesion-promoting systems based on silane. These are organosiliated compounds with reactive groups bound to a silicon atom, which cause a strong adhesion of the molecules at the interfaces and can thus create chemical bonds to organic or inorganic surfaces. For epoxy resins, amino-substituted or epoxy-substituted silicas are used. The adhesion promoters are suitable for almost all surfaces and have been specially developed to optimize adhesion after surface silicatization.


Field of application

HP A-38Acrylate adhesives and coatings
HP A-39Epoxy and polyurethane adhesives and coatings
HP A-41Epoxy-, polyurethane- and polyester-based adhesives
HP A-44Universal adhesive promoter, also suitable for silicones
HP A-45SH-En and polysulfide-based adhesives and coatings

Processing Instructions for HP A-Series Adhesive Promoters

The application of the adhesive promoter should be carried out as thinly as possible and according to the shape of the workpiece by spraying, dipping, roll-coating and, in the case of smaller parts, also by brushing or similar techniques.
It is advantageous, but not absolutely necessary to heat the surface or the workpiece after the application of the adhesive promoter for 1 - 3 minutes to about 70 ° C. After evaporation of the solvent, if necessary combined with a heating up to 70 °C, the application of the adhesive or coating can take place. If this is not immediately possible in terms of production technology, the adhesive or coating material can also be applied up to 2 months after the application of the adhesive promoter.
The adhesive promoters are available in bottles from 250 ml and unopened at approx. 5 °C stable for at least 6 months.