UV-curing adhesives in medical technology

Adhesive technology is essential for the production of medical devices. Here, the focus is primarily, but not exclusively, on applications such as fixing connecting elements, gluing plastic housings and, for example, needle bonding for the production of syringes, dialysis filters and tubes. The products which need to be bonded mostly consist of materials that are difficult to bond, such as PP, PE or PEEK, but also common plastics such as ABS and PVC. Since, above all, the medical disposable products are manufactured in large numbers, UV adhesives provide outstanding benefits due to their fast curing properties, which translate into short cycle times. However, adhesives have to face particular challenges, especially in these sensitive areas of application. The UV adhesives used should not only ensure a permanent connection, but they must also be compatible and, primarily, tested for contact with human tissue. The manufacture of medical products also requires extreme precision and a durable connection of the bonded components. Reusable products must also be resistant to various sterilization methods, such as steam sterilization (heating in an autoclave) or a much milder method, the so-called Sterrad process.

An essential parameter for successful curing is the intensity of the light source. Subsequent introduction of heat can often result in post-crosslinking, which can change the mechanical properties of the material. Curing is also influenced by the ambient temperature and humidity and should always be taken into account in a manufacturing process with regard to seasonal fluctuations.

The Polytec PT UV adhesives portfolio therefore includes products that are especially suitable for medical applications, which have been tested in accordance with ISO 10993 and are preferably used for bonding plastics. This includes both purely UV-curing acrylates or epoxies, as well as dual-curing systems that have a second curing mechanism and can also be cured in shadow areas. When glued medical instruments are exposed to high chemical loads, for example through autoclaving or sterilization, hot-curing epoxy resin adhesives are preferred.

Polytec PT UV adhesives are ready-to-use and easy to use. Benefit from our many years of expertise in UV bonding. A contact, that persists!