Epoxy resin adhesives in electronics

The assembly of electronic circuits could not be imagined today without the use of epoxy adhesives - whether for bonding SMD components (surface-mounted device), for the protection of components with glob-tops or dam & filler materials or purely for the mechanical stabilization of flip chips using special underfill materials. Potting compounds based on epoxy resins are preferred where demanding environmental conditions occur. They are able to reliably protect the electronic components from moisture, contamination or the influence of chemicals, and also from mechanical stress.

This applies in particular for the protection of RFID transponders, which are becoming increasingly widespread. RFID technology (radio-frequency identification) can be found in numerous areas of application, e.g. in customer or credit cards, in production and logistics to identify pallets, trays or packaging, or in healthcare for traceability and quality monitoring of surgical instruments. Particularly RFID transponders, which are used for product identification, counterfeit protection, as a tool or instrument ID, are exposed to high stresses in practice. For this reason, epoxy casting resins are often used here, as high-strength epoxies offer optimal protection against mechanical influences, against penetrating moisture or the influence of chemicals. If the focus lies on very fast curing and thus short cycle times, UV-curing casting compounds are preferred, provided the bond line is accessible by light. Polytec PT also offers casting compounds and adhesives that are autoclavable, especially for medical applications.

Polytec PT’s portfolio features both epoxy and acrylate-based casting resins, UV casting compounds and adhesives with broad range of flow properties adapted to the respective application. Our epoxy resin adhesives are available as of two-component products, which can be cured at room temperature, or as one-component, hot-curing formulations with the hardener already "built in" in solid form. By far the highest resistance to temperature loads and chemical influences is achieved with two-component and at the same time hot-curing epoxy resin adhesives.

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