Adhesives for optical components

In many cases, connecting or encapsulating optical components such as microscope and camera lenses, prisms or mirrors is only possible using special adhesives. This is particularly true when optical elements must be fastened in holders, which is also the case for watch glasses. Likewise, the production of optical fibers, fiber-chip couplings or glass fiber bonds use these special adhesives for their operation purposes. In order to ensure a high quality of these systems, it is imperative to use transparent products with an optically high degree of purity and a low tendency to shrink in order to avoid tensions in e.g. lens systems. In the best-case scenario, the adhesive has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. To always ensure transparency, the adhesives should neither change their color nor yellow over a long period of time due to aging processes. Ageing caused by absorption of moisture should also generally be avoided in the field of optical components. In addition, the adhesive should not outgas during cure and in later use. Typical and very popular types of adhesives for this field of applications are epoxies, UV and UV hybrid adhesives.

Polytec PT offers a wide range of adhesives for optical assemblies: one- or two-component epoxy resins and UV adhesives with different mechanical properties - from high strength to soft and flexible.

Our portfolio features both epoxy and acrylate-based casting resins and adhesives, as well as UV casting compounds and adhesives, the flow properties of which can be adapted to the respective application. The products specially adapted to the needs of the optical industry show outstanding properties in terms of transparency and stability.

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