Surface pretreatment in the automotive industry

Where, if not in the area of lightweight construction, plastics or plastic-metal combinations are increasingly used in order to safe weight. Against this background bonding processes became increasingly popular for joining plastics or material combinations. In the automotive industry in particular, a clean and pretreated surface is required at many points in production. Not only for gluing, but also for painting in the interior as well as on the body efficient methods of functionalizing the surfaces used are necessary.

Low-cost and simple methods such as flame pyrolysis are suitable for the prototype setup and during the development phase. On closer inspection, in most cases you will find silicon dioxide layers, as these are the most frequently produced. One of the advantages of silicatization is the fact that very uniform and firm layers with an average layer thickness of 5 - 40 nm are being deposited, which can be controlled depending on the intensity of the flame. Freshly produced, they are very reactive and are therefore ideally suited as adhesion-promoting layers for bonds and paints. The subsequent gluing, coating or painting work can still be carried out one week after the surface pretreatment without any loss of activity while maintaining the same quality. The additional use of silane-based adhesion promoters can further enhance adhesion.

Flame pyrolysis is an excellent and, above all, flexible option to pre-treat your plastic surfaces with the best quality for further use. We at Polytec PT will be happy to help you get off to a good start in terms of surface pretreatment.

Polytec PT offers you a simple solution in terms of surface silicatization with the products from the NanoFlame range, suitable for small to large areas.

Are you still looking for suitable adhesives and potting materials for your application? Then you have come to the right place as well. We supply a variety of products for manual application in prototype or sample production through to fully automated assembly using dispensing, screen printing, jetting or stamping.

Benefit from our wide-ranging expertise in surface pretreatment.