High temperature adhesives in mechanical engineering

The long-term resistance of materials when exposed to very low or very high temperatures is of particular interest in mechanical engineering, as well as in the automotive and aerospace industry. Especially solutions for high temperatures are a matter of concern these days. Today's electric motors for instance are designed to be more powerful, which creates more heat loss. With the increasingly compact design, heat may accumulate even more. In the diverse areas of application, the systems used not only have to withstand elevated temperatures, but also must be permanently resistant to various environmental influences such as gear oil, but still need to assure high internal strength. The latter, in turn, is strongly dependent on the temperature. For adhesive applications in these areas, you have no choice but to use special adhesives and casting compounds designed for high temperatures. Gluing using inorganic adhesives offers you the possibility of joining different materials safely and inexpensively for operating temperatures from 200 °C to over 1600 °C.

High-temperature epoxies serve as pottants and adhesives to protect against common environmental influences. They offer high strength as well as flexible solutions. We also offer you inorganic adhesives for use as casting, coating and metal sealing with outstanding properties and some with NASA approval. Ceramic adhesives are ideal as protective coatings, as they are chemically bonded mixtures for refractory coatings of e.g. ceramics, refractories and metals. They achieve the highest temperature resistance of up to 1800 °C.

We also offer you very special solutions, for example in the area of thread locking. Here the products were specially developed and designed for use in extreme applications. Successful thread locking prevents screws from loosening due to vibration and leaks, which can result from temperature changes and moisture infiltration. Another area includes the gluing of magnets. Here we recommend Cotronics® NM25 which is free of magnetic and conductive particles.

For numerous applications such as gluing and sealing in exhaust systems, topics related to diesel engines, gas turbines and many more, you will find the right products in the portfolio from our partner Cotronics®. Do you have any questions about Cotronics® products and your special application? Just give us a call, we will be happy to advise you and help you choose suitable products. A contact, even when the heat is on!