High temperature adhesives in electrical engineering

To avoid overheating is one issue; a stable and efficient performance under high temperatures is another. At operating temperatures that are much higher than the ambient temperature, suitable materials are required, that are both heat-resistant and incombustible and which do not lose their inherent properties during operation. When fixing, gluing or potting in these conditions, effective solutions are required for these special high-temperature areas, which originate from the portfolio of our long-term partner Cotronics®.

At this point you will quickly find what you are looking for in terms of high-temperature epoxy and casting compounds as well as inorganic adhesives and ultra-high-temperature ceramics. Operating temperatures from 200 °C up to 2000 °C for your adhesive or potting applications are therefore no problem for a long-term and stable connection. You can choose from various product groups such as: Durapot® is ideal for general high-temperature requirements when gluing, potting and sealing to protect against environmental influences and vibrations. The properties of the systems range from firm to flexible for both unfilled and low-viscosity products as well as for filled products with a thermally conductive or thermally insulating function. They are successfully used for sealing jacket thermostats and for sensor potting. With Resbond® you can achieve outstanding electrical insulation when gluing, sealing and potting, e.g. electronic sensors. Repair work can be carried out with special Duralco® products. Mechanical defects in components such as pump housings, damaged metal parts, heat exchangers, composite materials and various devices can be easily and successfully cemented and repaired.

Heat-resistant ceramic adhesives especially for bonding ceramics, metals, glass, graphite and various other materials offer safe solutions up to over 1500 °C. Areas of application include, heating elements, variable resistors, electrical feedthroughs and many more, thus areas where high dielectric strengths and high-volume resistances are required. With the help of ceramic systems, you can easily manufacture your high-temperature parts yourself. Furthermore, refractory ceramic coatings provide you with an excellent protective layer for ceramics, refractory materials and metals against high temperatures as well as corrosion and other environmental influences.

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