Biocompatible conductive adhesives for medical technology

Manufacturers of medical devices face particularly high challenges. The materials used, not only have to meet demanding technical requirements, but they primarily must be harmless to health and compatible with USP Class VI or ISO 10993. In this regard, biocompatibility in medical technology describes the property of a material to only enter undesirable reactions in contact with human tissue to a permissible extent while still performing according to its purpose. A biocompatible material is therefore well tolerated by the human body.

Even if the components in electronic circuits used for medical products usually do not encounter human tissue directly, high demands are still made regarding the biocompatibility of the materials used. Polytec PT offers electrically conductive adhesives that have been tested in accordance with USP VI. Their processing is equivalent to the conductive adhesives already presented in other electronic applications. The biocompatible electrically conductive adhesives from Polytec PT are based on epoxy resin systems, which are available either as a two-component system or premixed and frozen as a one-component variant. To ensure their optimum conductivity, we advise you to cure these products at temperatures of at least 100 °C

Polytec PT supplies you with a wide range of electrically conductive adhesives suitable for all common application techniques. Starting from conductive silver adhesives for manual application in prototype or sample production, up to fully automated assembly processes with adhesive application by dispensing, screen printing, jetting or stamping. Benefit from our wide range of expertise in electrical bonding. A contact that conducts!

In addition to electrically conductive adhesives, the Polytec PT portfolio also includes a range of unfilled, biocompatible adhesives that withstand the tough stresses caused by steam or Sterrad® sterilization.