Epoxy adhesives

Epoxy adhesives and potting compounds are widely used in many industrial applications. The materials are characterized by their high internal strength, their good adhesion to numerous surfaces and their high resistance to temperature loads and chemical influences. The material properties with respect to flow behavior, curing speed and flexibility can be designed across a relatively wide range.

Extremely diverse usage and processing conditions

Epoxy resin adhesives and potting compounds are generally optimized for specific areas of use and application. In addition, it is often required that they can be utilized in many production processes. When choosing the ideal product for a specific application, certain aspects will be important to consider, such as the number of components desired, curing temperature and time, as well as the operating conditions of the bonded or potted component.

Applications for epoxy resin adhesives and potting compounds

Whether used in electronics, electrical engineering, optics or medical technology, epoxy resin adhesives and potting compounds help to permanently attach a wide range of materials and protect sensitive units from environmental influences.

The products are therefore used in the following areas, among others:

  • Microelectronics: SMD assembly, covering of components, potting of assemblies
  • Optics: Positioning of lenses and prisms, securing of optical sensors, bonding of fiber optic cables
  • Medical technology: autoclavable, biocompatible bonding of medical instruments such as endoscopes
  • Electrical engineering: Bonding magnets, encapsulating microswitches

Benefits of bonding

Epoxy resin adhesives enable the bonding of almost any material combination – even difficult ones such as metals, plastics, glass or ceramics. Potting compounds generally having a low viscosity, penetrate even the finest gaps and openings and thereby protect sensitive units against mechanical loads and the influence of most process media such as water, oil or gases. 

The right product for your application

The adhesives and potting compounds presented here are unfilled resin and hardener systems. They are available as two-component products that can be cured at room temperature or as one-component, heat-curing formulations with the hardener already “incorporated” in solid form. By far the highest resistance to temperature loads and chemical influences will be achieved with two-component, hot-curing products.