Electrically conductive adhesives for dual interface smart cards

Dual interface cards, which are used both as credit cards and as identity documents, generally offer two interfaces: a chip module for contact-based communication and a laminated antenna for contactless communication. A stable, permanent electrical connection between the chip module and antenna is crucial for the functional reliability and service life of the card, which in practice is exposed to numerous stresses such as bending, torsion or climatic influences.
For smart card production, Polytec PT offers electrically conductive epoxy and polyurethane adhesives that have been used by leading card manufacturers for many years.

Polytec PT conductive adhesives for dual interface card production were developed for high-speed inline processes, i.e. for systems in which the milling of the cavity and the antenna pads, the application of the conductive adhesive and the implantation of the chip module take place in a fully automatic in-line process.

The highest demands are placed on the electrically conductive adhesive. It must allow accurate and repeatable dispensing of small quantities, without thread formation and must enable visual control of the bump size and position. Particularly the electrically conductive polyurethane adhesives from Polytec PT offer a considerable advantage, as they are not subject to any pot life restrictions and their viscosity and dispensing properties are independent of the period of use or residence time on the machine. The adhesive must cure within seconds under the temperature-influence of the thermodes and needs to establish its conductivity immediately to enable the cards to be surveyed or personalized. The conductive connection must also be stable under mechanical loads such as torsion or bending, which places high demands on both the mechanical strength and flexibility of the adhesive.

The electrically conductive adhesives from Polytec PT are delivered ready for use in cartridges that can be used directly on the machines. Refilling from larger cartridges is therefore not necessary. The filling quantity of the cartridges is chosen such that adhesive cartridge and module-reel can be changed simultaneously to minimize downtimes. Individual solutions are possible here by arrangement.

Polytec PT conductive adhesives have proven their capabilities for years at leading card manufacturers around the world. Benefit from our long-term expertise in conductive bonding. A contact, that conducts!