Surface pretreatment in electronics

Adhesive and potting materials are increasing in popularity to be used for the packaging of electronic circuits, the assembly and contacting of semiconductor chips, for the protection of components with Glob tops, especially also for the connection of sensors, actuators, motors or heating elements. In the manufacture of such complex components, several different materials are combined to perform the task. Plastics, metals, glass or ceramics have to be connected to one another. Consequently, optimally pretreated surfaces are also required in electronics or microelectronics for bonding processes.

Inexpensive and straight forward methods are available for effective pre-treatment of the surface of very small components, such as sensors or plugs, or also larger heat sinks, in example of such is flame pyrolysis. This surface pretreatment method helps you generate silicon dioxide layers as a very uniform and solid layer with an average layer thickness of 5 - 40 nm. Freshly applied, they are very reactive and are therefore ideally suited as active adhesion-promoting layers for bonds and coatings. The additional use of silane-based adhesion promoters can further enhance adhesion. In this way metal surfaces such as aluminum used for heat sinks can be treated in an ideal way prior to bonding. Also ceramics with very smooth surface structures can be successfully prepared for bonding using flame pyrolysis. When it comes to connectors, you will find materials such as Teflon (PTFE) in combination with stainless steel. If you want to bond firmly here, surface pretreatment is indispensable and flame-pyrolysis presents one of the easiest and most effective methods. Plastics, if they have an appropriate layer thickness (foils are not suitable for flame treatment at this point), can also be pretreated in a simple way for optimal adhesion.

Flame pyrolysis is an excellent and, above all, flexible option to pretreat your surfaces with the best quality for further use. We at Polytec PT will be happy to assist you with products from the NanoFlame series to get you off to a good start when it comes to surface pretreatment.

Are you still looking for suitable adhesive or potting material for your application? Then you have come to the right place as well. We supply a variety of products for manual application in prototype or sample production through to fully automated assembly using dispensing, screen printing, jetting or stamping.

Benefit from our wide-ranging expertise in surface pretreatment.