Electrically conductive adhesives for your application

Innovative materials that can do more than just glue. Customized for the intended application, functional adhesives provide additional properties that e.g. enable electrical current and / or heat to be conducted through the adhesive layer. Not only we as manufacturers live and experience electrically conductive bonding as a reliable alternative to welding or soldering. Above all, the joining of difficult material combinations and this without destructively changing the surface or structure of the substrate can be realized by established adhesive techniques. Many of the electrically conductive products of Polytec PT can be cured at moderate temperatures or simply at room temperature. The joined components are therefore much less exposed to thermal stress than it is the case when soldering. Regardless of whether it is in automotive electronics, lighting or medical technology, the solar industry or in the production of smart cards, electrically conductive gluing is an implemented and approved method for electrical contacting of components for many years. From sample and small series to professional mass production.