Surface silicatization in medical technology

Medical products aim for a high durability as soon as they come into contact with the human body. In addition, a high chemical resistance is required when adhesives are used for instruments that will be sterilized in an autoclave or in a Sterrad® system. 

When gluing, sealing or coating is applied in the area of medical technology, an optimal connection is crucial. For this, a suitable pretreatment of the surfaces is required. Generally, the surfaces should be free of dust, grease and solvents and depending on the type of surface, there are different pretreatment processes. Most common are chemical treatments such as etching and physical treatments, which also includes the thermal process of flaming. Our NanoFlame burner makes it possible for you to actively prepare your surfaces for stable bonding in a cost-effective and simple manner. Here you work with silicon dioxide layers that can be deposited as a very even and firm layer with an average layer thickness of 5 - 40 nm by flame pyrolysis. These layers are very reactive and are therefore ideally suited as adhesion-promoting layers for bonds and coatings. The additional use of silane-based adhesion promoters can further enhance adhesion.

Using this technique, you will be able to connect materials such as silicone and titanium foe example, used for implants, with each other. Flame pyrolysis is also an excellent pretreatment method for bonding endoscopes or sensors on medical grade metals and stainless steel.

Flame pyrolysis is an excellent and flexible option to pre-treat your metal and plastic surfaces with the best quality for further use. We at Polytec PT will be happy to help you have a good start in terms of surface pretreatment.

Polytec PT offers you a simple solution in terms of surface silicatization with the products from the NanoFlame range, suitable for small to large areas.

Are you still looking for suitable adhesives for your application or a specific one that has been tested according to USP VI? Then you are at the right place. We supply a variety of products for manual application in prototype or sample production through to fully automated assembly using dispensing, screen printing, jetting or stamping.

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