Effective surface pretreatment for better adhesion

In order for a bond to last for a long time, it is essential to properly prepare the surfaces to be bonded prior to applying the adhesive. This applies for the different application areas such as automotive and mechanical engineering, electronics and electrical engineering or even medical technology. Materials used differ to a great extent and, especially, surfaces having a low surface energy, as it is the case for may plastics pose a great challenge for bonding or coating processes. In most cases, high-quality and, above all, long-lasting adhesion requires a surface treatment that goes beyond simple cleaning processes. The associated process optimization provides a uniform surface structure and increases the previously low surface energy to a level that allows for sufficient wetting of the adhesive applied.

In this way, surfaces such as metals, plastics or glasses, can be pretreated inexpensively by means of surface silicatization by flame pyrolysis. The additional use of an adhesion promoter tailored to the adhesive can further enhance the final result. Such a specific change in the surface helps to achieve an improvement in the wetting properties and thus better adhesion as well as better corrosion protection in a simple way.