UV adhesives in automotive application

Adhesives are ubiquitous in vehicle construction and are indispensable today: from structural bonds on body panels or windshields, the connection of composite materials with metallic body parts, a bond of reinforcement elements or trim strips, to the most diverse types of bonding in vehicle interiors. And all of this represents only a small selection of the large variety of adhesive applications, which in a typical passenger vehicle today can add up to a total of 15 kg of adhesive used.

There are also numerous adhesive applications within the various vehicle components. Plugs and contacts must be sealed in pin-sealing processes, or sensitive electronic components such as sensors must be protected from environmental influences, temperature fluctuations or operating fluids.

The loads to which bonds in vehicles are exposed to are more than just demanding. Extreme temperature changes, especially within the engine compartment, vibrations or moisture are just a few of them. The materials and surfaces that can be found in the various vehicle components, which need to be joined are just as many.

The selection of the right adhesive or casting resin is therefore one of the decisive factors for the lifetime of the component.

Compared to other adhesive systems, light-curing adhesives have many advantages. No components need to be mixed and curing takes place within seconds without the input of heat. These properties also make UV adhesives attractive for many applications in the automotive sector, such as the encapsulation and protection of sensors, the bonding of lighting elements in the interior or the assembly of camera modules.

Polytec PT offers you a wide range of UV-curing adhesive systems for a variety of applications. This includes both purely UV-curing acrylates or epoxies, as well as dual-curing systems that have a second curing mechanism and can therefore be cured in shadow areas. Benefit from our many years of expertise in UV bonding. A contact, that persists!