High-performance adhesives for mechanical and plant engineering

In addition to the classic joining processes such as welding, screwing or riveting, adhesive technology has been established as an alternative connection method in mechanical engineering for years and is used in many different ways. The use of adhesives not only opens up new design options, but also saves weight and energy. In addition, bonded components withstand a wide variety of mechanical loads. Since the gluing process does not weaken or change the structure of the substrates, it offers decisive advantages in many applications. In areas where high levels of precision are essential, the required tolerances can often only be achieved by gluing, since the use of adhesives eliminates distortions as they may occur when welding due to the high local heat input. The possible areas of application are as numerous as the adhesive properties, which can be adapted to the respective requirements. These include adhesion properties on various surfaces, mechanical properties in terms of strength or flexibility, but also the resistance of the entire bond towards media (moisture, oils, chemicals, etc.) as well as temperature influences. It is also worth mentioning that the range of materials that can joined by adhesive technology is much larger, for example, non-solderable materials such as ceramics can be joined.

Adhesives based on epoxy resins, which can form high-strength, ageing-resistant bonds on a variety of substrates, have proven to be particularly useful. Epoxy resin adhesives are available as one- or two-component systems. One-component epoxy resin adhesives must always be cured at temperatures above 100 °C, whereas two-component epoxy resins can be cured quite easily at room temperature. In practice, two-component adhesives are processed with the help of automated mixing and metering technology.

Polytec PT offers you an extensive range of adapted epoxy resin adhesives, suitable for all common application techniques. Starting with our proven products for manual application in prototype or sample production to fully automated assembly using established dispensing techniques.

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