UV adhesives for optical applications

Compared to other adhesive systems, UV-curing adhesives have a number of advantages. They are easy to handle as no components must be mixed and the curing takes place within seconds, without the input of heat, just through exposure to UV-light. This reduces energy costs and simplifies automated manufacturing processes. These advantages are of particular interest when transparent substrates must be bonded, for example when positioning prisms, gluing lenses or bonding cover glasses in watch housings. A low level of shrinkage helps to avoid tension, which is crucial in the case of lens systems. In the best case, the adhesive has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Adhesive aging due to absorption of moisture should also be avoided in the field of optical components. In addition, the adhesive must not outgas during cure and in later use.

Polytec PT offers you a wide range of UV-curing adhesive systems for a variety of applications. This includes both purely UV-curing acrylates or epoxies, as well as dual-curing systems that have a second curing mechanism and can also be cured in shadow areas. For optical quality control, we also offer our fluorescent adhesives. Our products are ready-to-use for you and easy to apply. If the products are stored below room temperature, ensure that they are brought to the operating temperature before use.

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