Merger of specialty adhesives manufacturers: Polytec PT GmbH intensifies partnership with CollTech R&D Center GmbH

With this merger, both companies continue on their chosen growth path. "We are pleased to bring our know-how around innovative adhesive developments together and to continue the success story of our long-standing partnership," says Achim Wießler, Managing Director of Polytec PT. "In this way, we can make even better use of the synergies of our competencies. In the future, we will produce and sell the UV-curing adhesives and other specialties of CollTech R&D Center GmbH under the umbrella of Polytec PT, and we will continue the production plant in Maxdorf as an operating facility of Polytec PT."

Both Polytec PT and CollTech R&D Center employees will continue to be available to customers as usual - now in greater team strength and with bundled expertise. "This new form of partnership is also a benefit for CollTech R&D Center," says Dr. Stefanie Wellmann, founder and managing director of Wellmann Technologies, later CollTech R&D Center. "Not only do the technical competencies of the two companies complement each other ideally, but Polytec PT's established international sales structures will also provide a growth boost for the adhesives developed and produced in Maxdorf."

Wider range, greater market coverage

"We are convinced of the quality of CollTech R&D Center adhesives," says Wießler. "For several years now, CollTech R&D's UV-curing adhesives have complemented our in-house developments and are a great addition to our broad portfolio of specialty adhesives." The merger represents a classic win-win situation for both sides. "Our customers now have a wider selection of high-performance adhesives at their disposal, in addition to electrically and thermally conductive adhesives, epoxy adhesives, potting compounds and thermal interface materials, and now also a broad range of UV-curing products and fast-curing thermal epoxies."

About Polytec PT GmbH

Polytec PT GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes specialty adhesives and thermal interface materials for applications in the electronics, electrical and automotive sectors. The product portfolio includes electrically and/or thermally conductive adhesives and potting compounds, UV-curable adhesives, products for high-temperature applications, and removable, thermally conductive gap fillers.

In addition to an extensive range of standard products, Polytec PT develops and manufactures customized adhesives tailored to specific requirements.

Polytec PT, certified ISO 9001:2015, has subsidiaries and a distribution network in Europe and overseas.

About CollTech R&D Center GmbH

Wellmann Technologies GmbH (since 2019 CollTech R&D Center GmbH) was founded 15 years ago by Dr. Stefanie Wellmann. Dr. Stefanie Wellmann has been working in the field of reactive adhesives since her diploma and PhD thesis and came to industrial bonding via her PhD thesis on the curing mechanism of anaerobic adhesives 30 years ago. She has now devoted almost half her life to adhesive bonding technology and has also been active as an entrepreneur since 2001. Wellmann Technologies (later CollTech R&D Center) is now known for customized, fast-curing specialty adhesives. Tailored to the customer's requirements profile, special adhesive solutions are developed, produced and supplied in close cooperation with the customer. Particular focus is placed on UV/light and UV/light dual-curing adhesives based on epoxy resins and hybrids. These specialty adhesives are used in a wide variety of applications - from medical disposables to consumer electronics and automotive accessories to fuel cell applications - the versatility is enormous. The continuous development of new curing technologies sets no limits to the imagination about further areas of application.