Polytec UV LC-5

The Polytec UV LC-5 is a hand-held LED lamp for use in industrial manufacturing but also for manual applications. The robust UV LC-5 fea-tures a high-capacity battery that can be re-charged simply by connecting the lamp to a power outlet or a PC with a USB cable. Simple to use and small enough to fit in your pocket, the Polytec UV LC-5 provides enough light intensity to guarantee fast curing times.

Polytec UV LC-5 Specifications

Dimensions Length 185 mm, diameter 27.5 mm
Weight 100 g
Wavelenght 365 nm
Output power 200 mW
Light emitting area 5 mm diameter
Rechargeable battery Li-ion / 3,6 V, 2,250mAh
Charging time 5.5 h (with fully discharged battery)
Operating time 3.5 h (with fully charged battery)

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