UV-Curing Lamps

Adhesives that can be cured in seconds with UV light have been standard in industrial manufacturing for some time. Discharge lamps having a relatively wide emission spectrum used to be the standard technology. These days, LED is the leading UV technology for fast and reliable curing of adhesives for the following reasons:

  • High intensity, yet compact dimensions
  • Long lifetime (20,000 h and more)
  • No warm-up
  • No substrate heating
  • Narrow, well-defined emission spectrum
  • High energy efficiency


    Polytec PT offers UV LED sources for serial manufacturing processes as well as for manual or semi-automated production. Polytec lamps feature high light intensity, despite their compact dimensions.

    Polytec PT offers a comprehensive range of UV-curing and dual-curing adhesives
    (UV plus second curing by heat or moisture) for a wide variety of applications.

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    UV-Curable Adhesives

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