Permanent protection for your brand against forgery.

Your Benefits:

  • Secure your products against forgery
  • Validate the originality of your OEM-products
  • Monitor your automation process
  • Batch processing possible
  • Chemical-based barcode
  • Verification of the mix ratio of two-component adhesives
  • Have your own exclusive fluorescent marker
  • Stable up to 1700 °C


Possible Applications:

  • Fluorescent markers for medical instruments
  • Protection against forgery in sensitive electronics
  • Protect your safety-critical OEM parts (e.g. brakes)
  • Military and satellite applications
  • Traceability of medical and military processes
  • Applicable in adhesive bonds, molding and labelling
  • Used as a fluorescent barcode
  • Protection against manipulation of your parts


Available Modified Adhesives:

  • Electrically conductive adhesive: Polytec EC 101
  • Thermally conductive adhesive: Polytec TC 430
  • Optical-grade epoxies: Polytec EP 601 and Polytec EP 610

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