Polytec PT at Bondexpo 2015: hall 9, booth 9208

Adhesives that offer more than just bonding things together are the specialty of Polytec PT Polymere Technologien. Examples of new products that will be featured on the Bondexpo trade show are thermally conductive and electrically insulating potting compounds featuring high thermal conductivities up to 3 W/mK, as well as electrically conductive adhesives which cure at room temperature and are either flexible or high strength. Driven by the specifications and demands of the users, Polytec PT develops and manufactures customized adhesives with additional functionalities. Even products that meet the customer's corporate design colouring, or adhesives furnished with fluorescent security features, have been accomplished. Moreover, flow properties, curing scheme and packaging of the adhesive will be best adapted to the individual processing conditions. A particular strength at Polytec PT is the manufacturing and delivery of custom formulated adhesives in batches from several kilograms to tons, thus covering the demand of medium to small applications.

Polytec PT's functional adhesives are typically based on epoxy resins featuring high mechanical, thermal and chemical stability. Thus, they enable both force-fitted and conductive joints as an alternative to traditional soldering, welding and mechanical fixing, but avoiding high thermal loads or problems with difficult material combinations. Hands-on samples such as solar absorbers, LED assemblies or battery modules will be on display at Bondexpo. In addition, trade show visitors are cordially invited to meet Polytec PT's staff at the booth and to discuss their individual application in order to find the best possible solution.

More info: www.polytec-pt.com/int/events/event-overview/event/2015/10/05/bondexpo_2015/cal/event/tx_cal_phpicalendar/



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