Custom-tailored Thermally Conductive Materials for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Batteries

Responding to a strong and increasing demand in innovative manufacturing concepts for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries, we provide adhesives, pot­tings and pastes with high thermal conductivities that are customized with regard to processing parameters, thermal and mechanical properties, as well as service durability.

Force-Fitted and Heat-Conductive at the Same Time

In order to build a secure and durable battery system, the assembly and integration of single hard-case (prismatic) or pouch cells requires reliable mechanical fixing, thermal management, and vibration damping. Our thermally conductive, epoxy-based adhesives provide structurally strong and durable joints.

Thermal Connections that are Easy to Rework

In case thermally bonded parts must later be separated or replaced without being damaged, we supply paste-like thermal interface materials, either curing or non-curing. They will securely bridge any insulating air gap, as long as additional mechanical fixing is provided.

Low-density, Low-abrasive, Silicone-free

Our specialty is adhesives that offer more than just bonding things together. All of our thermal interface materials are silicone-free and mostly cure at room temperature. They feature high thermal conductivities, high dielectric strength, very low abrasion and low specific gravity in order to reduce vehicle weight.

Thermally Conductive Adhesives and Pottings

Our epoxies for battery mounting feature good thermal conductivity, very good dielectric strength, high mechanical strength, and excellent adhesion to aluminum. They cure at room temperature or slightly above and they are flexible in order to maintain a good adhesion even under varying temperature conditions. Please contact us for product selection and customized versions.


flowable .... thixotropic

Curing schedule

24 h @ 23 °C ... 60 min @ 80 °C

Thermal conductivity

0.8 .... 2 W/mK*

Young´s modulus

100 ... 9,000 MPa

Lap shear strength**

5 ... 15 MPa

Elongation at break

up to ~20 %


 * up to 3 W/mK upon request (compromising other properties)

** on untreated Al surface

Thermally Conductive Pastes and Gap Fillers

Thermally conductive pastes are easy to apply and to remove. They compensate for high tolerances, and they feature a permanent thermal contact to the substrate surface due to good intrinsic wetting properties. Part of our gap fillers are curable by humidity resulting in increased resistance against thermo-mechanical loads. Please contact us for product selection and customized versions.



Viscosity @ 40 °C 

50 ... 250 Pa s

Gap width

0.15 ... 5 mm

Curing schedule

non-curing // curing at RT

Thermal conductivity

1.5 .... 3.0 W/mK

Specific gravity

1.8 ... 2.2 g/cm³



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Thermally Conductive Materials
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